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    This ten day studio intensive, comprised of fifteen students and seven instructors, was focused on building a mobile dwelling unit for a single person. The inspiration behind this Nomadic Dwelling was to consider the dynamic forces of the body, and its systems of mobility, to reveal potentials for new spatial relationships, material palettes, component prototypes, and new fabrication methodologies that can shape the daily happenings within a home. 'Touching Me Softly,' dubbed for its' soft feel inside and out, measures 8' long and 5' wide with a lauan interior that comfortably sleeps two and easily transforms between sleep and active phases.
    All phases of the design from fast paced charrettes to prototypes were carried out by the group of strangers which led to the successful culmination of a design sanctioned by all the participants. The project scope was a simple yet complex approach to making practical use of a mere 40 square feet. As a result the nomad is able to cook meals, brew coffee, relax, read, and even entertain guests with a digitally projected movie theater. Such activities are made possible through the dwelling's production of up to 1,000 watts of power per day with the help of two solar panels. The fabrication brought into question structure and functionality using a three part skeletal systems which acts as the crucial melding of interior and exterior through a single component.

Project Team: Sean Barbe, Monifa Charles, Erin Darnauer, Maksim Drapey, Christin Hu, Nelson De Jesus, Michelle Misciagno, Yuki Nakayama, Aura Phongsirivech, Myah Price, Mark Rakhmanov, Hanson Sohn, Natasha Tsikuonova, Jiachang Ye, Eileen Zhang

Teaching Assitants: Alex Guzman, Jonathan Yates      Instructors: Valerie Arthur, Matei Denes, Lavander Tessmer and William Haskas

Project Manager + Photography: Andrew Nisbet

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