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    Nestled in the neighborhood of Crown Heights in Brooklyn this project aims at reviving what was once the home of at least 500 free African Americans in the late 19th century.The houses, which were deemed landmarks in 1970, underwent careful analysis and were even subject to a community led archeological dig to unearth anything that would provide insight to the previous inhabitants. Through a careful restoration of the house and understanding of the artifacts collected, the Weeksville Heritage Center was founded. In Pursuit of Freedom is the last piece of a puzzle for this cultural center which prides itself on cementing the voices of locals who ultimately understand the community best. We provided archeology cabinets to house the artifacts collected during the digs which are accompanied by maps, audio recordings, and careful curation of historical events along the perimeter of the house. Everything from the application of dye to the reclaimed chestnut flooring, to the fabrication of complex case work were part of the revitalization of the old home.
    In Pursuit of Freedom is open to the public via tours hosted by the Weeksville Heritage Center.

Office: Matter Architecture Practice
Role: Design, Fabrication, Installation

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