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    TEST BED was an installation, an exhibition, and a series of fourteen public performances and dialogues on the interaction of space with sleep. The exhibition was not only a dialogue of what a modern day Abaton could be but it was also the comprehensive curation of years of studio projects led by a mentor and previous professor of mine, Natalie Fizer. The studio projects all revolved around her specific work with sleep and its relationship to architecture. TEST BED transformed Parson's Aronson Gallery located at 66 Fifth Avenue and 13th Street into a place that encouraged visitors to engage in self-directed as well as collective repose; utilizing the "soft tools" - cushions, pillows, headrests, etc. that were hung on the walls and scattered on the felted gallery floor. The use of 20 movable benches along the perimeter of the gallery also allowable visitors to adjust the space in their own way during the various events programmed throughout the lifespan of the exhibition.

Role: Design, Fabrication, Installation

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