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     In collaboration with the Humanities Action Lab at The New School, along with at least 20 additional universities around the country this project looked at tackling the issue of the mass incarceration crisis in our country. My role in this project was to assist in the design, prototyping, detailing, and eventual fabrication of a traveling exhibition. We worked closely with the client and each partner venue in order to design the substrate in which these 25 universities could share their research on the surrounding topics of mass incarceration. To date, the exhibition has traveled to 20 different venues, five of which I traveled and led the installation + de-installation of. The exhibition traveled in a series of crates, also built by us, and had to be designed with the ability to come together and be disassembled within a three day minimum each. The majority of the exhibit was comprised of free-standing aluminum frames which came together using machine screws. The content panels were then hung at a slight angle which further engaged the viewers to read each partners' corresponding content.
    The current location along with all the individual partners’ data can be found here on the exhibition website.

Office: Matter Architecture Practice
Role: Design, Fabrication, Installation

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