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    The intent of this competition entry was to use common pillars of education, such as travel and knowledge obtained through reading, to propose an International Book Share. The idea here is to populate the shared library with books which have already served their previous owners and are ready to be inherited by the next person. The shelves will be curated by visitors themselves who will choose to abide by the, “take a book, leave a book” mantra.
    Self-directed learning, through a form of playfulness, was a crucial incentive in the sense that this will not end up as a polished book store but instead it will become an aggregate of travelers from all around the globe. The collection of books will inevitably allow travelers the ability to learn about Skagen on a deeper level than previously attainable. The playful nature of the reading nooks along with the warmth and curvature of the simple plywood construction create an inviting atmosphere for visitors of all ages to undergo a sense of freedom when browsing through the self-curated bookshelves surrounding them. Skylights will serve as portals to reduce artificial light use as well as allow the common daydreamer to gaze through between pages. The intention of this proposal was to serve as a catalyst in which a community composed of locals and tourists could form an intellectual dialogue amongst themselves through the basic medium of literature.

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