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    Site analysis is crucial in truly understanding a project, especially one revolved around such an intimate topic as sleep. By analyzing the effects of the sun on a given site, it was possible to determine where certain programs could be appropriately situated following the movements of shadows. By studying where shadows most affected the site, I was able to assign a schedule that revolved around where certain shadows inhabited the site at a specific time of day. I then began the choreography between programs such as perpetual sleep, napping, working, living, and gathering. The use of light and shadows in regards to the circadian rhythm and polyphasic sleep became crucial to the redefining of a campus ecosystem.
    The site schedule was crucial in establishing when and where activities take place with regards to a student's daily routine in a campus style environment. The dormitory is first lit during sunrise, as well as parts of the interior courtyard. As the shadows recede to the east, more of the site becomes subject to sunlight, therefore becoming more active. The happenings of the site follow a persons circadian rhythm and the bodily functions attributed with our inner clocks. As the sun begins to set, activity on the site is still enhanced by sunlight but the shadows begin to regain their presence where the sun previously covered, the living quarters. This moves activity away from the dormitories which suggests the idea that program, regarding sleep, is approaching and that activity on the site should dissipate as the shadows regain ownership.

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