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    This five day long studio tasked ten students to design and build an immersive art installation in the heart of the Lower East Side. The design process was overseen by three instructors, including myself, in order to walk the volunteer students through different methods of 3D modeling and detailing to visualize what they would eventually fabricate and install inside a gallery space. The group was split into two teams, each tasked with proposing one of the two elements that would ultimately have to coalesce into one cohesive experience. The installation had to be designed with the ability to be brought over to the site in pieces and assembled using only mechanical connections. The fabrication took place at a shop in Gowanus, Brooklyn where the students were given an orientation of what it means to work within a fully operational shop and how to use specific tools. After two fast paced days, the prefabricated components were loaded up and brought over to The Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center where they then had one day to install and prepare for an opening event.

Office: plusFARM
Role: Teaching Assistant , Fabrication, Installation

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