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    The criteria for the site revolved around the state between consciousness and unconsciousness, referred to as sleep. More specifically, it focused on a mode of sleep known as Polyphasic Sleep or segmented sleep. Prior to the advent of modernity and artificial light, Polyphasic Sleep was the normative way of sleeping. Sleep is a biological necessity as well as universal, yet specific to place and culture. The act of sleep is both personal and private but impersonal and determined and regulated by time. As a student, sleep, work, and living become one endless cycle lasting semesters at a time. My experience as a student influenced the proposal for a Dormitory of Mnemonic Sleep. The site activity revolves around a schedule based on the Circadian Rhythm, as well as concepts driven by momentary and transitory spaces targeting the body on a metaphysical level using memory and imagination as their generators.




    The site intervention expands on the idea that juxtapositions of sleep and work can become mnemonic devices within an experimental dormitory and work cooperative. The dualities involving sleep and work help the mind and body navigate the site; whether in the suggested schedule based on the Circadian Rhythm or utilizing the conditions of light and shadows. The aim of this proposal was to engage the body on a deeper level using architecture and contextual objects such as beds, tables, trees, etc. to trigger an individual's memory, and ultimately their imagination. The specific interactions with these objects help influence and alter an individual's experience within the site, with the goal to fundamentally transform their encounters within similar scenarios outside the dormitory. Preconceptions become more discernible which allows them to be altered with each new experience.

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