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    This exhibition was closely based on the New York Times Bestseller, "Evicted," written by Matthew Desmond. In collaboration with the curators at the National Building Museum in Washington D.C. and graphic designers MGMT Design from Brooklyn, we combined quotes from the book and comprehensive data driven research to design an experience for visitors of the museum to come away with a comprehensive understanding of the ongoing eviction crisis in the U.S. 
    The fabrication consisted of four steel framed 'house' structures clad in lightweight MDF panels. Each house has its' individual aesthetic treatment, graphic elements, and supporting audio visual pieces specific to the corresponding topic of the book. The treatments included, but weren’t limited to, the use of fabric dye to darken all the panels, and wallpaper applied to the outsides of each house which ultimately got a wash applied to them in order to achieve a 'ghosted' or 'worn' appearance. The goal here was to highlight that people who encounter the hardships of being forced out of their homes have their worlds, quite literally, turned inside out. Here, the visitor becomes the onlooker, hence a new dialogue can begin to unfold through a mere glimpse of what it is like to undergo an eviction. 
    In fact, it resonated with enough people that the exhibit was recently redesigned and once again fabricated, this time with the properties of a traveling exhibit which can now reach several more jurisdictions around the country.. Starting in late September 2019 the exhibition is already scheduled to travel throughout 2022 with more venues showing interest.

Office: Matter Architecture Practice
Role: Design, Project Management, Fabrication, Crating,  Installation

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