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    Here the goal was to develop a series of exploratory models that positioned a piece of furniture pertinent to a given architectural element. The exercise questioned how one might reconsider spaces dedicated to various modes of stillness. What was important here was the opportunity for an architectural element to transform the bed, thereby enhancing the conditions required for different states of wakefulness. In these studies the focus became 'Intrusive Awareness', which utilizes the body's relationship to space and time to foster an integrated awareness with one's surroundings.
    The overall premise became the juxtaposition of two elements: bed + window. I began with typical functions associated with a window, i.e. ventilation, illumination, filtration, and framing. These characteristics allowed for the synthesis of what was once considered merely a piece of furniture and transformed it into a defining architectural component. In general, beds are fixated temporal objects but I proposed here that the bed become a focal point in which the planning of a space, or even a building, could be defined by it.

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